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The facts about Beta 1, 3-D glucan and how it effects you.

FAQ (simplified)

What is beta glucan and what does it do?

Beta 1, 3-D glucan is a natural fiber molecule derived from Baker’s Yeast and enhances the immune system.

Will beta glucan cause yeast reactions?

No. beta 1, 3-D Glucan is intensely purified from Baker’s Yeast and is free of the impurities that cause Yeast reactions.

Why are Baker’s Yeast beta glucans the best?

A beta 1, 3-D glucan that is intensely purified from Baker’s Yeast. Such a beta 1, 3-D glucan enhances the immune system better than any other beta glucan studied by researchers, for the best price per capsule.

Is beta glucan safe to take with my medicines?

Yes. beta 1, 3-D glucan has shown NO bad effects when taken with prescription drugs.

How do we know beta 1, 3-D glucan enhances the immune system?

Doctors have studied how beta 1, 3-D glucan enhances the immune system at the University of Louisville, Tulane University, and Harvard.

Is beta glucan a new discovery?

No. For over 40 years beta glucan’s benefits have been studied in expensive university labs.

Will beta glucan over-stimulate the immune system?

No. Beta 1, 3-D glucan enhances the immune system. It is like loading the body’s immune guns with super-bullets ready to fire on infections. It is the infection that causes the immune system’s guns to fire (things like virus, bacteria, fungi, cancer, parasites etc.)

Will beta 1, 3-D glucan harm an autoimmune condition or a transplant patient?

We do not recommend Beta glucan for any auto-immune disorder. Beta Glucan does not, as with some immune stimulants, create an over–stimulated immune response. Instead, it should be more properly referred to as an immune modulator or a biological response modifier. In multiples of types of immune function tests, it has been shown that this compound actually abates certain pro inflammatory situations. Regardless, we feel that too little is known and understood about autoimmune disorders and therefore we do not recommend it be used. Even though the window of safety is huge with our compound, this or any other compound that you intend to put in your body should be thoroughly reviewed and understood by your physician(s), pharmacist(s) and you. This would apply also to the transplant patient and pregnant women.

Why is one beta 1, 3-D glucan better than the others?

PURITY, POTENCY, EFFECTIVENESS, and PRICE. A. J. Lanigan’s Beta 1, 3-D Glucan is a highly purified form of beta glucan and the most potent, because it contains the largest amount of the Beta 1, 3-D Glucan molecules per capsule. Also, his Beta 1, 3-D Glucan is shown to have the greatest benefits on the immune system in research paper after research paper. The success of his products in the market place says the rest!.

How much beta 1, 3-D glucan do I need each day to enhance my immune system

Everyone can potentially benefit from taking an immune enhancer like beta 1, 3-D glucan in the correct dose. Especially those with a poor immune system and those that have alien invaders, infectious diseases, slow healing, radiation poison, etc..

Who will benefit from taking beta glucan?

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